EVOO, much more than olive oil

Maybe the term EVOO is familiar to you, but do not think that around the world is known. There are still many people who don’t know what it means, since it is relatively new and, so far, had an exclusive use reserved to technicians, experts and professionals.

EVOO is an acronym of Extra Virgin olive oil

You must be careful because behind the term “olive oil”, there are very diverse and radically different quality products.  For example, when you buy olive oil, you are not buying much less high-quality olive oil, as you can read on the label; it’s a mix of refined olive oils and Virgin olive oils. 


2017: A better quality oil, a new packaging

Each physical part of the product has been carefully selected, respecting all the materials and processes used.

The bottle design, curved with greater weight in the bottom of the mouth, broad base and narrow neck. The label paper, tinted origin, with a minimal design, and a rational layout of the stopper, made of natural wood.

The choice of the full glazing of the bottle responds to a cultural issue.